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who are ready to elevate


Listen up, here's everything that  is inside my mastermind

e-commerce ladies

You’re in this for the long haul.

Top it all off with the fact that you have no one to ask for support and bounce ideas with.

You still wanna go BIG though. But this time, you wanna ditch the stress in the process. You’ve seen powerful women do it, and you know you can, too.

You’re way past your courses and freebies era. And you know dang well you need a mastermind that will help you not just to grow, but to SCALE your e-commerce empire.
*screams in empowered sisterhood and experts as your personal advisors*


Dominating your e-commerce industry.

Banking 6 Figs on repeat like a true e-commerce queen.

Hitting a magnitude of successes you once thought you couldn’t.

It's obvious that

it’s time to get


Although let’s be honest: Sometimes it DOES feel like a struggle

1. Too many tasks. Too many hats. Too many feelings. 

2. Your business has hit a plateau; now, you’re clueless about your next moves. 

3.You’re es-tee-yu-kay, STUCK.

If you said YES...

Welcome to  my

where mastermind, coaching, and sisterhood come full circle for ladies in E-commerce who are set to make their biggest business, even bigger

Buckle up as we guide you to…

Become so ahead of your learning curve 
(thanks to a personal circle of advisors)

Trade million-dollar ideas with a rounded community

Spiral your way to hundreds of thousands of product sales - can you imagine?

LET's do this




exclusive inner circle? 

What’s inside this

and loop you in

Let's round 'em up

Group Coaching & Online Mastermind

Private Community

Group Accountability Call

Marketing Vault

E-commerce Coaches and Guest Experts

E-commerce Sisterhood

No more playing small. No more “champagne problems” getting invalidated. Because this time, you’re surrounded by womenpreneurs with the same mentality, same goals, and same fire to rarify their already winning e-commerce biz!

Coaching calls that aren’t “How are you this week?” You got it. 
We’re going way beyond the basics as we hop on 4X-a-month workshops and calls that feel like a warm hug and a kick in the butt combined. Yes, lovely. We are normalizing tough conversations, intricate training, and thorough critiquing for your business.

No one makes it to the top alone (and you know it). That’s why don’t just need a hype WOMAN, you need hype WOMEN! Enter: An exclusive FB group for the love of support.

Because accountability should not be reserved to just an online community, you’re gonna jump into a 60-min intimate group accountability call with moi so we can keep track of your progress and make sure you don’t fall back into the sticky *stuck* trap ever again.

THE holy grail full of e-commerce goodies to help your products get seen and bought, minus giving a buck to Zuck. Talk about eating organic sales for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Fact: You’ve already achieved a level of growth you once dreamt of. And at this point, you’re someone who never wants to be the smartest person in the room. That’s why I, together with expert coaches and guests (aka your future personal circle of advisors), am bringing my game face on to teach high-level marketing, systems, launch, expansion strategies, and BEYOND so you can bag the maximum support that you’ve always longed for.

OK I am in

without paid ads

e-commerce results

Some Of My Own

Started in 2015 and was generating over $150,000 per year in revenue - sold in 2018

Logan & Alice Teethers

Started in 2017 and is generating over $300,000 per year in revenue - still operating.

The Trainer's Pouch


Learn from

E-commerce email & social media marketing strategies
Expansion through wholesale & affiliates
Systems, automations & outsourcing
Sales & launch strategies
Entering into paid marketing options

the roundup of areas we’ll whirl deep into

Myself & the AMAZING E-commerce Mentors will take you through not only learning but practical workshops inside the mastermind

& More

Fair warning: When we say maximum support, we MEAN it.

Past the one-size-fits-all and cookie-cutter moves, this mastermind is made for the ladies in e-commerce who crave the growth, the challenge, and the learning at an advanced and intimate level.

The program is capped and there is only



Think you’re one of them? 
(Don’t be shy now, hit THAT button below before someone else does.)

that's me


Meet your

Expertise. Experience. Empathy. 
It’s a full circle, lovely!

Now, a drumroll for your coaches! 

From starting my own E-commerce store 6 years ago whilst working multiple jobs, being a mama, and running a household to bootstrapping & ORGANICALLY creating, launching, and scaling multiple 6-figure E-Commerce businesses today…

It became clear to me that many women (like YOU) deserve the same.

Inside my E-commerce Elevation Mastermind I will be sharing with you my exact foundations, launch strategies and organic marketing techniques I use in my own e-commerce business so you can experience the same success. 

I can't wait to support you inside, all there left to do is apply



I'm Kate McDonald



Your Product Boss, Strategy Master and Launch Coach

Sarah is the social media queen for product based businesses and she is joining us once a month inside the mastermind to help you skyrocket your socials.

After graduating from business school, she launched her first business (personalised jewellery dishes), which became her  full time income.

Fast forward and now she helps others do the same. She has served hundreds of clients & students, many of which have left their full time jobs because their product based businesses have blown up.

Sarah will be helping you get you Instagram marketing on point for your E-commerce business.


Support Coach

Sarah Airey

Product Based Business & instagram marketing Coach

Chelsea Berman is a 24-year old ambitious entrepreneur, marketer and founder of Blossom Media, a social media agency empowering E-commerce brands to grow their sales and build their community online.

Over the last two years, Chelsea and her team have grown countless E-commerce brands through social media advertising, including Greenhouse Interiors, Montii Co, Tiger Tribe and The New Devine. Chelsea's passion lies in empowering and educating brands to learn and leverage their online presence, sales and impact through strategic social media.

Chelsea will be helping you learn & implement paid Ads for your products


Support Coach

Chelsea Berman

E-commerce ADS strategist 

With four businesses under her belt, Michelle has been in business for over 20 years and marketing and customer service for nearly 30! Her most notable mention is being the Co-founder and previous owner of GAIA Natural Baby skincare. GAIA began in the kitchen back in 2002 and by the time it was sold in 2019, it was a multi-million dollar business, stocked in over 5,000 retailers in Australia, and sold all over the world.

As the creator of one of Australia’s leading baby skincare brands, she has done just about anything and everything there is to do in a business, faced many challenges, failures, successes, and also heartwarming moments. People often ask Michelle “how did you do that”…?! She is a curious, creative and resourceful businesswoman - you have to be when you are a small fish in a big pond! This means she thinks outside the box and it makes for a great business mind. She now shares her wisdom and experience to help others to help turn their ideas into achievements.

Michelle will be helping you build strong foundations and grow through marketing & expansion strategies. 


Support Coach

Michelle Vogrinec

Business foundations & Expansion Strategist

“A close-knit group of like-minded ladies and an expert business coach played a great part in reshaping my business strategy and business model. Joining Kate's Mastermind was the best decision.”

 the best decision

for my business as well as for me. 

The Mastermind was

Are Saying

What Ladies

“I felt like I had found a coach that understood me, my business, and what I wanted to achieve so I didn’t hesitate to jump into it, and it was 100% worth it! 

The mastermind for me was all about clarity and setting up the foundations for a long-term business, not just a quick fix or follow-the-fad ideas. There is so much advice out there on what you should and shouldn’t be doing that it can get overwhelming or confusing. 

But with Kate’s mastermind, it is tailored to you. We all had different businesses and different goals and what I loved is the advice and support are for you and your business, not just a one-size-fits-all approach.

Best decision I ever made

joining Kate's Mastermind


CEO Diagonal Horizon


Bake it by Giovannellis

She’s inspirational but also very approachable and relatable. If you have a product base business she’s the best. I joined the mastermind after doing her launch course and loved it! My business has significantly shifted thanks to Kate’s support and guidance. I can’t wait to work more with Kate and would really recommend her and her mastermind if you want to push your business along and see results!

Kate is an amazing coach! 


Bibo Bubs

E-commerce Elevation includes:

  • 3 x 60 min group workshop & coaching sessions each month with Kate and support coaches 
  • 1 x 60 min monthly group accountability call with Kate
  • Bonus guest experts & access to Email Marketing expert
  • Private FB group for everyone to connect & keep accountable 
  • Access to the online Mastermind portal for all call recordings & resources
  • Past workshops, resources & templates inside the online portal
  • Invitation to our inclusive in person 3 day mastermind retreat (Details TBA)

  • 1 x 1:1 50 min private coaching call with Kate each month via zoom (valued at $997)
  • Unlimited access to Kate via Voxer voice chat (priceless)
  • BONUS: 5 x Hrs access to my Tech Team for Shopify & Email Marketing (valued at $1000)


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Ready to take your product sales to the top?

Your first call inside the  E-commerce Elevation Mastermind will be on Tuesday March 6th at 11am AEDT all our calls are scheduled every Tuesday at 11 AM AEDT

E-commerce Elevation

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(minimum 3 month commitment)








Are you ready?

Letting you run in circles is NOT our thing. But proving a cycle of RESULTS is. 😉


We’ll let more inner circle’s success stories do the talking.

  • Meet Liv from 'By Liv' earrings
  • When Covid hit she dived into online
  • We worked together & she had a 5 figure launch plus welcomed over 100 members into her subscription box
  • Liv continues to use my framework & is generating consistent multiple 5 figure months
  • She and her husband both work in the business 
  • Her business supports her family and has allowed her to live life on her terms.
  • Meet Shannen from 'StampHIT'
  • She came to me with her personalised stamp idea and we implemented my elements 
  • She grew her audience to over 1000 in just 4 weeks through some great collaborations
  • She had an amazing launch and it didn't stop there
  • Within 5 weeks she generated over 5 figures and in 8 months hit 6 figures in her stamp business
  • She now works in the business around her little girls & is venturing into more businesses

Liv Morgan

By Liv, Founder & CEO

Shannen Hill

StampHIT, Founder & CEO

have achieved

What my clients

Turned her hobby into a multiple 6 figure business

Made over 6 figures in just 8months

Are you ready to make your
e-commerce business, even bigger?

There’s no turning back, lovely.

One last question left for you is…

Like the self-promise you carry since day one, You’re in this for the long haul.
Now your e-commerce business is about to get bigger.
Your well-deserved support is just around the corner.
And your definition of sisterhood is about to change, forever.

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